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eligible versus comfortableComfort is an important and underestimated consideration in the 5 steps to turning yourself into a more successful mortgage candidate. While Research is a somewhat obvious beginning, Asking Questions is the logical next step and Accepting Guidance is generally considered good to do, Eligibility often becomes the focus in the excitement of the home search and mortgage pre-qualification instead of how Comfortably you can meet the new payment expectations.

Step Four: Eligible vs. Comfortable

By now you’ve researched and have a reasonable idea of what kind of home you’re looking for. You’ve even done your homework on mortgage financing. You’ve been pre-qualified for up to a certain amount of money, and with that number, you realize you may be able to set your sights higher than you originally thought!  


It’s okay to be pre-qualified for more than you’ll need. Pre-qualification is based on information you have provided, and the more accurate information you provide the more accurately your estimated qualification can be assessed. There are limitations, however, and no matter how much of your information is plugged into the equation, you may still have living expenses that don’t get factored in. Ultimately, you are going to be the expert on what you can afford and what you can’t.


Why would a mortgage company pre-qualify someone for more than they could afford? Well, the short answer is that they’re trying hard not to do that. Everybody involved is going to want you to be able to afford the home you’re financing. Rather than calculating everything up at the low end of your price range and then re-calculating every time you find a new property, it often makes the most sense to aim for the high end first, knowing that it’s easy to come down in price from there.

Comfort is Key

This leaves you to be honest with your mortgage lender, your real estate agent, and most importantly with yourself regarding your comfort level with the payment sizes you’re discussing. When looking at your price range, consider such things as how the utility payments may be different from what you’re used to, or if repairs are going to be needed. Leave yourself some room when planning out how your new budget will look. That house that’s just beautiful but just a little out of reach financially may be less fun to live in if you’re struggling to make ends meet.

Prioritize your comfort. You’ll thank yourself down the road. And the final step and topic for next week… Choose Wisely!